A Free Monthly Event in Cary Supporting Local Families Affected by Alzheimer’s & Dementia


The Memory Café is celebrating 1 year of success as a growing collaborative project between the 5 Rotary Clubs of Cary, NC. We want to say thank you for all of the volunteers and to the following clubs:

The Memory Café is a fun, safe and welcoming place for guests with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia and their caregivers. The Café is free and offers fellowship, dinner, music and dancing.

The Rotary Clubs held their first Memory Café on Aug. 19, 2014 and one year later plan to continue offering this free event each month except in December.

“I love working with people who have dementia and their caregivers,” said Memory Café volunteer Morgan Lamphere. “My grandparents all suffered through the disease and didn’t have a support system around them, so I can see how valuable this service is.”

Rotarian Kristin Sutton came to the Café with her stepfather, Bill, and her mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“As a caregiver, Bill was able to meet with others and get outside the house. For my mom, she won’t remember the Memory Café, but the afternoon allowed her to get active and exercise her brain,” said Sutton. “It’s a change of pace, which is good for her health. I appreciated the chance to volunteer as a Rotarian, but really it is a great benefit for our community and for my family especially.”

The clubs works with Alzheimer’s North Carolina, Inc. and the Town of Cary to host the event each month. Volunteers support the event by serving dinner and spending time with the families in attendance.

“It’s beneficial for caregivers and their loved ones to come together to share and support each other,” said Nancy Broadwell, program and family services coordinator for Alzheimer’s North Carolina, Inc.

“Individuals experiencing memory loss and their caregivers frequently feel isolated. The Memory Café brings everyone together in a relaxed environment where they can form new friendships.”

The Café was coordinated by a Rotarian, Brian Blum, who put the event together in honor of Rotary’s 50th anniversary in Cary. “The Memory Café is a huge success in Raleigh,” said Blum, “and we wanted to bring this success to Cary.”

Reservations for each month’s event are required. Guests must be accompanied by a family member or friend. Attendees can RSVP by calling Brian Blum at 919-233-0075.